Top Benefits of Installing Barricade Tapes at the Job

Caution Tap

As per OSHA, over 5200 workers die on their job- an average of more than 14 deaths per day due to the lack of proper protective measures enforced at workplaces. Many of these fatalities could be easily avoided and prevented through the use of barrication tape to our regret. It is the reason why such tape is becoming so popular in workplaces involving strenuous and tenuous work like construction sites.

Barricades are things you see everywhere you go to restrict entry into a dangerous or hazardous area. It is a means of protecting people from hurting themselves. Many of these barricades are just guides to maintain an orderly flow and deny access to certain areas.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines a barricade as an obstruction to deter persons or vehicles’ passage into a red zone. Such areas might include exposed wires, moving machinery, high-temperature values, and more. Several people don’t even recognize the danger behind barricade proofing.

That is why, ensure you secure the area with signs, warning lights, and instructions if something goes wrong. Hence the barrier tape must include CAUTION phrases to alert workers about the risk associated with the area.

Regulatory bodies like OSHA and ANSI have set several rules and regulations with such situations that require barricades. From color to a message, everything needs to be as per the OSHA and ANSI standards. 

Barricade tapes have become a necessity

There was a time when barricade tapes were a need more than a necessity. However, the situation is reversed now. Barricade tapes are non-adhesive, brightly colored strips of polyethylene material designed to grab employees’ attention and alert them about the potential dangers that lie ahead. 

It also refrains them from interacting with that area. The goal of such actions is to reduce the risk of severe injuries and ensure everyone’s safety. The barricade tape is made from a durable, resilient, and tear-proof plastic material such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon. It has a bright background with a pre-printed bold warning text for alertness. The idea of using bright colors is to ensure its long-range visibility. 

All barricade tapes must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations. It iterates to the concerned area’s high effectiveness, which must be wholly enclosed with barricade tape placed about three feet above the ground or floor. More so, it must be securely fastened to support that it doesn’t sag. There should be no gaps in its applications, allowing anyone to enter the dangerous area inadvertently.

It has several uses

Barricade tapes are used in a variety of situations to indicate high-risk areas or those with restricted access. The color yellow is mainly used to communicate the cautionary message for hazardous conditions that may result in any moderate injury. 

On the other hand, Red indicates that authorized employees can only peruse the area due to death threats. Different colors used include orange to raise caution, green to locate safety equipment storage units, or blue for any information signs.

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