Top business ideas with a small investment that you can start from home

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Top business ideas with small investment that you can start from home

Starting your business is what most people dream of. However, some business ideas fail to expand because of lack of funds or investments. Most of the people prefer doing business more rather than doing an office job. This might be a better option as you can make large profits by expanding your business. But sometimes, you want to start a business but you can’t because of money or some other factor.

It’s not that you need to be someone special or rich to start a business and make it large. Expanding a business is all about using correct strategies at times and the most important thing to grow your business is patience.

So, today we will discuss some of the best business ideas with small investment. Also, we will see some small investment business from home.

Mobile repairing and accessories shop:

Well, if you really want to get into the business industry then the first thing you need to understand is that no business is small. It is estimated that by the year 2022 India will be having around 800 million smartphone users. Ultimately a smartphone is also a machine and gets damaged.

So, opening a mobile shop for repairing and providing accessories like tempered glass, back cover, selfie sticks and many more will be a good idea.

Meal service business:

This is actually a very rapidly growing business in metro cities. There are youngsters who work for companies and most of the times they are not able to have their meals or gets time to cook them. So, opening a meal service business and providing them food facility will be a good as a business idea with a small investment.

Nursery and Gardening equipment business:

With the growing awareness regarding the environment. Starting a business to sell gardening accessories is a profitable idea. Also, some people love to have a garden so this business might bring you profit. This is a business that you can start from your home with a small investment in it.

Bakery Shop

Well, who doesn’t love food? Opening a bakery shop might seem to be a small business but has a high potential to grow.

Also, you don’t need to invest much in this business you can begin it from home also. All you need is an oven and ingredients and if you are great in cooking delicious food then this business might be the perfect business idea with small investment.

Catering and decoration services:

This business needs a small investment. Since, there are many parties, marriages, and functions occurring every day this business might seem to be profitable for you. All you need is collect a team of few members like decorators, waiters, and cooks that could work honestly and are highly skilled in their fields.

Stationery business:

With the increase in colleges and schools selling stationery items is good business. Students and even companies need bulk of stationery items like letterheads, copies, pens, pencils, notepads and many more.

       So, investing in this business is a good choice.

Handicraft business:

Well, if you are creative and artistic then you can make a huge profit in this business. Most of the people love to keep artistic items in their houses. You can sell decorative items for interior decoration all you need is to invest in material and show some creativity


Blogger is that kind of business where you can earn much more money with little investment. You can easily start your own blog where you post topics that match up with your own experience and knowledge.


If you are well-trained cosmetology then you have a great chance to start your own business as a hairdresser and as a hair stylist. In this business, you don’t have to need much more money.

You also can start a business as a courier, web –designer, social media manager, house painter, event planner, etc. But the most important thing to grow your business you need patience because a business does not expand one night.


If you want to really start a business then just look around yourself and you will find lots of ideas that need small investment. But the most important thing you need to keep is patience because a business does not expand in one night.

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