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‘Venice bewitches. Like many before me, I have been seduced by its art, architecture, poetry, and beauty. But when people think of Venice they tend to think of its palaces, the Grand Canal, St Mark’s Square, fancy hotels and best restaurants. What I adore about the city, though, is its love of food. You can eat Historic Classic Food in Venice and Venetians cook and eat with such passion and pride – and as long as this continues, their culture will survive. There’s a genuine and thrilling attitude to the seasons and the ingredients they bring, and I find this completely infectious.

The difference between home-cooking and the top restaurant food is simply a question of attitude. The former is heartfelt and generous, born of love, warmth, tradition and a sense of abundance. Much has been written about the smartest and Romantic restaurants in Venice, but the places that the locals tend to go to, which have the most wonderful homespun recipes.

Bistrot De Venice is one of the Best Restaurant in Venice and serves the best local wines and Top Italian wines.

The Italians take their Historic Venetian Cuisine very seriously and Venice restaurants are widely regarded as some of the best in the country. Venice is celebrated for its traditional cookies, Special Table in Venice, Vegetarian Dishes, Heart shape cakes and desserts such as Tiramisu, so it’s well worth leaving some room for restaurant’s sweet plates. To try this exceptional produce and local recipes at their best, follow our guide to the best restaurants in Venice.

Bistrot De Venice celebrates the day of lovers with an exclusive menu for an unforgettable evening, in one of the most romantic Restaurants in Venice.

We start with the “raw shrimp of passion with maracujà”, and then continue with the “scallop with foam of black cabbage, orange, and drops of anchovy Cantabrico” and many more.

As a first, the kitchen offers “Tagliolini with lobster and keta caviar” and follows the “Mullet in almond crust tobinambur and land of olives”.

It ends with the “Fondente di Cupido”.

The dishes are accompanied by Top regional wines in Venice“La Santissima” (Castello di Gussago) and Rocco Delle Cime (Venica & Venica).

while sitting comfortably seated at the table in the white and red room, enriched with elegant shapes in relief on the walls. white shades of white. Or, you can choose to be wrapped in warm red tones, sitting on the corrugated sofa overlooking “red room”. From the small armchairs of the restaurant, it is possible to admire the spectacle of the beautiful place.

Bistrot De Venice offers there customers the best historic classic foods, Top Italian wines with Best Sommelier Venice, private & business lunches & dinners, Restaurant for Special Wedding  Parties and provide to the Special Table in Venice.

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