Top Small Investment Home-based Business Ideas in India


Top Small Investment Home based Business Ideas in India

A Small Investment Business from home by nature are very profitable and Stable. It gives Maximum Output in Minimum Input. Means higher profit in lower investment. And it is of utmost importance for that, that entrepreneur should have knowledge and understanding of latest business news in India Since, no matter how easy or stable your business is it’s going to face some trouble when starting up.

Government Approach towards New Business and Startups:

Government is the main body of the nation and entrepreneurs both small and big have to face government policy rules and regulations while starting and both running their business. In India especially business is going to be more flourish able as Government of India is itself promoting the Startup culture in India. It is craving for start-ups both Small and Big Investment Businesses.

PM Mr. Narendra Modi’s new Business-related scheme ‘Startup India, Standup India’ has been inaugurated in Mumbai. Both the government as well as the banks would be making resources available to them.

Small Investment Business from home Ideas and latest business News:

Temping and Tuition services:

Temping and Tuition are two different services with the same investment scale of about few 1000-5000 rupees.  The Temp agency is responsible for paying the workers they send to a company on a temporary basis for manpower work. A skill needed for this is networking.

Tuition service:

on the contrary a simpler one. You just need to master one subject. And then you can organize your own tuition classes. Your income depends upon your subject knowledge and Number of your Students.

Website and App Designing services:

In just 1000 – 3000 rupees you can do a nice online course of web and app development and can start your own business as freelance web and app developer.

Everyone wants an online presence for his/her business or himself. It’s a great way of reaching more people across the world.  You will need a pretty big amount of skillset on computer languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. But you will earn more profit based on those. This is one of the best Small Investment Business from home idea out in the market.

Catering and Food Delivery Services:

Nowadays everybody wants their food ready on their table without hard work of cooking and are ready to pay for it. In this scenario catering services are more valuable.

College students, Workingmen, and women both want this. Its investment scale is usually 15,000 and profits are defined by your service quality. If you are able to serve or deliver good food on time you will be playing in profits. The gross profit is nearly 20%.

Tailoring and Boutique Services:

This is also a very good Small business from home idea. Tailoring and boutique services can be stared from home. Apart from general customers, one can take over School and College uniform orders and fulfill them.

Property management:

Property Management can be a great business idea if you have a start-up capital of approximately Rs. 50,000. Men need to take responsibility for their detailed documentation procedures and thus save a lot of their time.

Food Trucks:

Food trucks are often called the mobile eating joints. They can offer unique cuisines at a reasonable price. The great advantage in a food truck is the mobility that allows it to place itself at different locations at an ideal time. For instance, a food truck can park outside a school in the afternoon and later in the evening, outside an office. The gross profit of 20% can be expected to rise.

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