Top Video Marketing Types That Are Currently Trending

Top Video Marketing Types That Are Currently Trending

Top Video Marketing Types That Are Currently Trending

If there is one element that should never be comprised upon then it is the power of video marketing. Something that once emerged as a form of entertainment has now taken over the realm of digital marketing and advertising by storm. Without any further arguments, the use of video marketing has only up-scaled with absolutely no significant hints of a downgrade. For that reason, business and brand owners should decide to revamp their marketing strategies and rely on video marketing.

There are countless reasons for it but the main essence of this post is not to highlight the advantages of video marketing. However, it is to convey the several existing types of video marketing trends that can be duly utilized for forming a sound and smart branding strategy.

If you are new to the notion of video marketing then the video marketing types we have mentioned here are going to provide you ease in selecting a marketing type that befits you and your marketing needs.

Here are some of the universal, common and unique types of videos you can utilize to shape your marketing campaign.  

Top Video Marketing Types That Are Currently Trending

Visual Branding Content

A smart and well-organized branding strategy is designed to build your brand’s image and identity among your viewers. From your vision to the core values you hold high, everything is included in a sound branding campaign. You have multiple options available but brand videos are a feasible choice. With the use of video content, you can build your brand’s image, its propositions, and offerings all at once. Every brand needs to find ways to stick out from the competition and the only way for it is through animation. Your audience would feel connected to you if you used animated content instead of catchy captions or images.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have been around for quite a while and these videos emerged solely for marketing purposes. Now businesses and individuals alike have been searching for video animation services for the production of an animated explainer video. Such videos are a great option if you want to highlight your products and services in a concise manner. In a matter of 60 seconds, your message will be conveyed to the audience. They do not even have to go to the services page of your website to know what you do as an animated video would be enough for them.  

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are not a widely used option but it still generates accurate results on social media sites and websites. Clients tend to ask for proof of a brand’s credibility or else they would not prefer to build an association. To give them authentic social proof, testimonials videos are an effective video marketing choice. By reading testimonials or reviews, your potential clients would not be able to judge you well but with live action or animated video, they can pass an easy judgment.

Company Culture Videos

Your customers would have numerous options for selecting products or services similar to yours. Since you know it is a possibility, you would have to find ways to exhibit your reliability. The aforementioned marketing ways generate accurate results but company culture videos can also help you in forming a credible persona. You would have to resort to social media for the portrayal of your company’s culture, operations as well as how everyone manages and gets their work done in the organization. This notion is going to exhibit a more human part of your brand, which most brands do not do so you can have the upper hand here.

Webinar Videos

Animated videos and branding videos are the most common form of video marketing and due to which webinar videos have been overshadowed. A recorded webinar contains essential tips of information that your customers would certainly prefer viewing to get to know your brand and you better. All the webinars you have recorded so far can be neatly edited and compiled and then formed into a full-fledged video for marketing. The queries and questions your customers cannot find in the FAQ section of your website are easily covered in a webinar. You can go in the depth of each topic or you can simply choose to briefly highlight it as it works either way.

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