trucking companies Edmonton Alberta

trucking companies Edmonton Alberta

What services do Trucking Companies offer?

There are many local trucking companies in Edmonton Alberta that cater to requirements for transportation of freights. For a local business, local trucking companies provide a lot of benefit. They provide personalized services are able to cater to different requirements such as the volume of the freight. They also provide distribution services for a variety of businesses.

In addition to this, the drivers have relevant experience and are prepared for long haul services. Trucking companies provide transportation of freight using dedicated routes. The quality of services of a trucking company depends on the experience that they have in the trucking business.

Here is a list of services that most tucking companies provide!

  1. Long Haul and Short Haul Services

Most local trucking companies provide both short haul as well as long haul trucking services for freight transportation. So whether you have to transport your goods within the city or to other cities, most local shipping and trucking company provide you with these services.

  1. Different Capacity

Trucking companies are equipped to handle freight with different volumes. The variety of trucks allows most trucking companies to handle freight in addition to providing distribution services. For smaller freight transportation, smaller vehicles are used.

  1. Varying Truck Sizes

Every trucking company has a fleet of trucks that caters to any sort of transportation requirements. Flatbed Trucks, super b trucks and others are some of the trucks that trucking companies employ for transporting goods. Different types of transport vehicles allow trucking companies for long haul as well as short haul of freight.

  1. Capability to handle fragile, sensitive and hazardous material

Professional trucking companies know how to handle fragile items when loading and unloading freight. In addition to this, oftentimes, trucking companies have to transport hazardous material such as oil. They have the necessary equipment and take measures to deliver your equipment without any damage or breakage.

  1. Experienced Drivers

Being a trucker is a hard job which requires physical and mental vitality. Therefore, trucking companies provide training to drivers and regularly test them to make sure that they don’t lack any skills. Drivers in trucking companies are experienced and have the necessary certification which qualifies them to handle large and small equipment. They are also experienced to handle short as well as long haul drives.

  1. Storage facilities

Small businesses often lack storage facilities and some businesses do not even require it. So, trucking companies also have warehouses that provide storage facilities to clients. Trucking companies also provide docking facilities such as forklifts for unloading of your goods.  

  1. Dedicated routes

Local trucking companies make use of dedicated routes which helps them to get the job done in as little time as possible. This ensures that your goods arrive at the destination on time without any hassle.

  1. Distribution services

Since trucking companies make sure that your freight reaches the destination, they also provide distribution services by making deliveries to the client. For this they make use of smaller transport vehicles such as sedans and vans.

Apart from this many local trucking companies Edmonton Albert also provide air freight services in addition to shipping services by sea. However, this depends on the relevant experience of the trucking company and how long it has been in the business.  

Why First Call Trucking?

First Call Trucking has been in the trucking business for a long time now. Not only are they experienced in providing services, but they also provide customer satisfaction. From a range of equipment and transport vehicles, First Call Trucking caters to the requirements of any business. We also provide storage facilities for temporary storage of your goods for seamless transportation and delivery of your freight.

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