Types of wallpapers for homes

Home wallpapers are not a new concept. They have been there since 1785 when a person named Christophe Philippe Oberkampf invented the machine which printed some colored tints on the sheets of wallpaper. From that time, the fabrication on wall papers has started and now many interior designers and house owners crave for them in their own house.

There are varieties of wallpapers available in the market these days and one can even go for 3D wallpapers online shopping because they also look unique. But here are some major varieties of home wallpapers that one can choose from as well.

Lining Paper

They are not at all decorative and they are not printed as well. These papers are mainly applied to the bare walls and ceilings so that one can print or stick another decorative wallpaper over it. the main purpose of putting g these line papers over walls is to bring some perfection on paintings and in order to hide if the wall had some previous colors before.

Traditional Wallpaper

This is a very popular type of wallpaper which can be either single layered or double layered. These wallpapers are made from cellulose and they are very ecological as they can let the wall breathe. One can use them in dining rooms and they are safe to install on children bedrooms as well. These wallpapers are easily available in the market and they are affordable as well. Some of these wallpapers are resistant to moist and one can apply them easily on the walls before washing away the colors.

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Vinyl Wallpaper

It is another popular variety which has a backing layer, a plastic upper coating, and fibers. They are light resistant, washable and relatively cheap to the pockets because they are extremely durable. One can easily install them on dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms as they are moisture resistant as well. They are available in varieties of colors and patterns and they can imitate stones, woods, and concrete well.

Embossed Wallpaper

These are textures and they have an interesting contrast to the plain walls. The textures here can range from soft fabrics to delicate ones and they can also range to the dramatic geometric patterns. The major colors that are available are stone, cream, and taupe because they form a good natural palette which can go well with most features and accents. These wallpapers can also hide certain wall defects like cracks, scratches, and wall roughness. They can also be painted over.

Liquid Wallpaper

They are made from cellulose and cotton fiber. They have to be applied in a liquid form and for that, one needs a special palette. This one is well suited in the rooms which have uneven walls, cracks, and defects. Once installed, they take 24 hours to dry out. Apart from these major varieties, one can also buy 3d wall paper online because they are new in the market and innovative as well.

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