Using AI to Make Future B2B Marketing Decisions

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Using AI to Make Future B2B Marketing Decisions

Over the last couple of years, the B2B marketing arena has drastically changed the way buyers interact with brands. The transformation is mainly occurred due to the constant deployment of new tools, strategies, and techniques. Such technological advancements are expected to further flourish the B2B marketing sphere. Among various technologies, AI technology is considered as the most impactful and influencing technology for the B2B market. 

AI technology dominates the B2B marketing, and there is a reason for that. It supports B2B marketers for numerous digital processes, including predictive analytics, personalization, statistical analysis, and lead generation. If you are also running a Computer Hardware eCommerce Store, then this blog will help you to understand how you can leverage AI technologies to enhance your marketing functions. 

Artificial Intelligence and B2B Marketing 

It is expected that the future of AI is bright for B2B marketing, and the technology will come forward with some bigger and better marketing features to support marketers. However, AI is also playing a crucial role presently for B2B marketing campaigns. 

Currently, B2B marketers are leveraging AI technology in many ways. A few of the most relevant example of AI technology includes the following: 

  • Research engine results 

Research engine results help to determine the value, relevance of a web page. It also analyzes the user interest for a particular web page.  Search engine results are supported by algorithms that are derived by AI. 

  • Advertising campaigns

AI monitors customers’ social communication and purchasing patterns that ultimately describe customer behavior. It helps marketers to design more personalized and targeted advertising campaigns. 

  • Social Media Feeds 

Since AI monitors users’ buying pattern therefore, it also customizes social media feeds as per users’ interest. There is no doubt that AI is playing well in improving marketing results right now, but if we start planning things with a broader scope then we must analyze the future. 

Once we analyze the future scope of AI and marketing together then it will enable us to plan more useful and effective marketing strategies. Since AI is revamping the business, and marketing together therefore, we also need to take a look at how AI will disrupt the B2B marketing in the future. 

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence for B2B Marketing

AI-based marketing campaigns generate 3X more revenue than a normal marketing campaign. It is expected that by 2021, 30% of the B2B companies worldwide will add AI in the marketing campaigns for enhanced customer experience. 

AI technologies are already witnessing revolutionary fallouts however, it might get some more benefits in the future. Let’s take a look at how will revolutionize the future of B2B marketing. 

  • Artificial Intelligence Will Offer Better Leads 

Currently, traffic and lead generation is the most challenging task for marketers. In order to generate traffic, businesses are required to utilize user data. It helps to learn user behavior, user-preferred products and also determine whether the offered product is relevant or not. 

Traditional tools slowly analyze user data and hence, provide slow results with less accurate predictions. On the other hand, AI-powered tools can analyze huge sets of data at once, and determine user’s search pattern and new opportunities. 

Therefore, we can say that AI will help marketers in identifying potential customers while indicating the best ways to outreach them. 

Moreover, businesses will integrate AI into the entire business sales process. It will provide much better leads with maximum conversion potential. 

Also, AI will save more time, and teams will perform other relevant tasks rather analyzing data because the software will do that for the teams. 

  • AI Will Automate Multiple Marketing Processes 

Time is money for a business, and unfortunately, businesses have to invest too much time doing repetitive tasks essential for lead attraction. With the help of AI technologies, essential tasks including customers list, cold calling, cold emailing, and responding customer tickets will be automated. Such repetitive tasks take up to 80% time of a salesperson which he can utilize for creating better customer relationships and brand recognition.

AI software integrates with CRM systems and automatically analyze whom to call, email and also arrange meetings with the relevant prospects. In this way, salespersons are free from carrying out research and can discuss things to a potential business partner instead. 

It is anticipated that by 2030, companies will spend more on automation tools and the cost of such tools will reach $25.1 billion. It is quite noteworthy that 79% of the top-notch organizations are already using AI-based automation tools, and get a 10% revenue bounce in six to nine months. The AI automation tools will save a lot of time and workers will come up with more creative marketing ideas instead of doing repetitive tasks. 

  • Smart SEO 

There is no doubt that SEO is the most crucial part of online marketers. If your SEO is not working accurately, it means you will fail to rank on the search engine and hence, be ready to lose your potential customers.

Right SEO tricks help businesses to rank on top that ultimately help customers to find your business on the search engine. AI-based software will effortlessly perform SEO audits that automatically analyze the SEO tricks that work best for a company as per its customers, niche and SEO practices.

The process of SEO takes a lot of time because marketers constantly need to implement new approaches to improve search engine rankings. AI software will analyze your website and best keywords to make your SEO campaign more effective. Such tools will help companies to quickly identify what keywords are not working, and which SEO practices need to be changed.

High-quality SEO is essential for any business since 40% of the revenue generated through organic traffic. Therefore, AI tools are essential. AI tools not only tells you about the existing SEO status but also indicates relevant changes to the content to optimize better. It can be done by the accurate usage of machine learning technology.

AI-based tools provide long-term results, it means the more you will utilize it, the more relevant SEO advice it will provide you.

Leverage the AI Technology Today 

23% of the marketers are already leveraging some of the outlined AI trends. You also need to integrate AI into your sales process to improve the overall sales for your B2B e-commerce store.  However, it is expected that in the future, half of the top-performing businesses will incorporate AI into their various processes to better understand their customers for maximum lead generation. 

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