Want to Buy a House in Dubai: See for options

Want to Buy a House in Dubai

A lifestyle of an individual or family requires them to buy a house which comes in sizes of small, medium and big according to the pocket. You can either choose between a villa or an apartment. Further, these two can be classified based on the amount of luxury they provide. Dubai has a wide range of houses from standard houses with basic amenities to lavish residences with a view of the Dubai Skyline.

Houses in Dubai can be mainly classified into three categories-

  • Luxurious Residences: These luxurious residences comprises of fully furnished apartments with a view, premium villas in posh locations and spacious townhouses. There are several amenities offered by luxurious residences like gym, spa, swimming pool, yoga spots, etc. Some posh locations like Palm Jumeirah, Arabian ranches, The Lakes, The Meadows, Al Barari offer eye-popping villas and townhouses with several facilities like cafes, restaurants, Volleyball courts, Tennis courts, beaches, lakes, etc. You have to shell out a handsome amount of money to buy these kinds of residences.
  • Superior Residences- Superior class residences are between standard class and luxurious class. These type of residences are targeted towards upper-middle-class category where such residences include basic necessities with some good amenities. Azizi Five Star apartments are an example of this category.
  • Normal Residences- These residences have much lower rent than villas and are affordable for lower and middle-class categories. These residences have basic necessities. Government of Dubai are planning on more affordable housing projects like these residences to cater more people.

Merits of Living in Dubai:

  • Warm & sunny weather most of the time of the year
  • Beaches access is unlimited everywhere
  • Tax-free income
  • Duty-free shopping
  • Low-interest rates of loans for encouraging investment in properties
  • World’s best and biggest tourism and entertainment hub
  • Free trade zones suitable for business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Best and biggest of everything- Dining, shopping malls, real estate,  jobs, and entertainment

Culture of Dubai is very diverse. Around 10-12% of people are citizens of Dubai and there are a large number of Indians, Pakistanis, and people from other eastern countries. The limited population of citizens of Dubai mostly resides in luxurious residences. There are several modes of transport available near all kinds of residences from taxis, buses to Dubai metro. The Luxury houses prices are sky high for which you need to consult a broker who will help in finding a place with the same amenities but at a lesser rate. They will charge some fees against the kind of work they are offered. He will also help you in documentation process which is otherwise a tedious job to do.

There is rapid progress in the economic growth of Dubai. Several new villas, affordable housing projects are being built increasing the architectural beauty of Dubai which is already one of the finest. You need to search on the internet about Dubai houses for sale and you will get great options to look for. The safest country tag of Dubai encourages people to buy properties there so that they can lead a peaceful as well as a safe life. Read the latest blog about finance at mirocelic.com

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