Ways to Improve Searching Skills for Writing a Perfect Paper

Writing a Perfect Paper

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Writing an A paper always starts with in-depth research. Papers based on credible, trustworthy and informative academic sources typically earn better grades. At the same time, many students dread doing research. Some don’t know how to differentiate reputable sources from not-so-good ones, some are not sure where to look at the first place.

Today, a custom academic essay writing company will reveal some helpful online research strategies used by every professional essay writer in their agency. All in all, who can know about writing essays more than a company offering essay writing services to students? If you prefer to write papers on your own rather than to buy or purchase them from a service, the tips below will be invaluable for strengthening your research skills.

7 Ways to boost your research skills for writing a perfect paper

Start with a basic Google search

Did the college professor assign you a particularly tough topic for your next English assignment so you’re not sure how to approach it? Do a brief Google search to familiarize yourself with the subject matter. Don’t search for academic sources specifically at this point. Once you learn more about the issue in general, you’ll feel more confident and will know how to plan a deeper research and write an essay.

Search in broad terms

To find more books, peer-reviewed articles, news articles and research papers relevant to your topic, use broad terms for research. For example, if you look for ‘causes of water pollution’ you’ll definitely discover more articles than for ‘causes of water pollution with oil in Caspian Sea’. You can narrow it down further, but for preliminary research, using broad terms is optimal.

Use keywords and symbols in search engines

Not every student and even a professional writer knows it, but if you search via Google, there are specific keyword research techniques and symbols that can be of service. For example, if you type scientist OR researcher, you’ll find the sources containing one of the above words. Using quotation marks allows you to find an exact phrase or sentence. And an operator site: helps you find articles or publication posted on a specific online resource.

Identify reliable sources

As we’ve mentioned above, finding credible academic resources is half of the success in writing your next college essay. Reliable sources include scholarly sources such as books, journal articles, and expert reports. You can also use dictionaries, libraries, financial reports, news articles, historical documents, or data from the experiment. On the contrary, articles from Wikipedia, online blogs or entertainment articles are not of service when it comes to academic assignments writing.

Take advantage of libraries

Libraries are priceless source of information for writers of essays and term papers on any subject. During the pandemic you can still visit online libraries and use e-books and articles. Libraries mostly contain credible sources, moreover, you can ask for help of a consultant. Some of libraries contain huge databases and rare sources you won’t find in an open access via Google.

Use critical thinking

As you come across interesting books and articles for your next assignment, be sure to critically evaluate each source. The fact that the paper was published in a scientific journal doesn’t mean that it will suit you. Maybe, it was published seven years ago and the findings are now outdated. Or, the writer expresses a very biased opinion. What you should do is to find a few more information on this subject to verify the data and be sure that it’s relevant and true.

Ask for help

Quality research is definitely a time-consuming process, and cutting hours out of it will result in writing a poor paper. That’s why students who are busy or want to get professional help with research rely on custom essay writing services that offer paper academic assistance online. The writers of cheap assistance services company are experts in their respective fields and native English speakers. So, any student can pay to expert writers and order help with research and custom writing of their papers. Orders are delivered by the company on time, so you needn’t worry about meeting deadlines in college.

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