Web technology and how to make your small business ideas big

Web technology

Web technology and how to make your small business ideas big

What is Web-technology?

We all know that computers or machines cannot communicate with each other as we humans do. And that’s why we need codes or commands for communication between the machines.

This communication is set-up by using binary codes where these placed in some order to make a stable communication set-up.

This method by which these machines communicate with each other by the use of mark-up languages is called web technology.

Web technology has been advancing over years from modifying old languages to bringing new programming languages.

In simple terms, web technology is a Front-end technology used for doing Front-end technology by using the languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap and some frameworks like angular.js, etc.

Various Fields that comes under Web technology:

  • Web designing: Website designing or development is creating websites that are responsive and attractive. Web designing involves using languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. for frontend and Php, MongoDB, MySQL, Django, etc.
  • Web hosting: When you create a website you obviously want it to be available on the internet so that anyone can see it this is called hosting. In simple terms, if you want to publish your website on the internet you need to buy a hosting that will provide you a server where you will keep all your created files.
  • Software Development: Software development means making software by using some programming languages and then deploy it for users.

Apart from all this web technology also includes providing security to the website or applications so that the important data of users do not get in the hands of hackers.

Now, coming to the point how small business ideas can grow to extreme heights by using web technology.

Well, just imagine that you have a bakery shop and attracts 400-500 customers every day.

But think if have your own website or application that allows customers to order food by sitting in their homes. Obviously, your business will expand and you will be able to handle more customers easily.

By this example, one thing is obvious that web technology for sure can expand your business.

Now let us see some ways by which you can expand your small business ideas using web technology:

You can use digital filing systems that could help you to store important documents of your company securely.

  • By using online payment gateways, you can also do the payments securely over the web. This will also be more convenient than taking cash money.
  • Apart, from using a storefront to sell products you can use online methods to sell your products. This will ultimately increase your sales.
  • Promoting your business will become very easy by using various social media platforms. Use can promote your business for free and attract a lot of audiences.
  • You can use messaging applications or services to communicate with each other rather than physically going and communicating.
  • If you want to know how much your services are liked by others you can use online surveys to get feedback from your clients or customers.
  • If you have a business and want to know how your business has grown with the time you can make software of your own and see the statistics.

So, one thing is very clear that today every website we visit or any software we use is only because of web-technology. And if you have a business idea which is in its growing stage then using Web-technology is one of the best strategies to expand your idea.

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