What is The Need For Making Artificial Kidney, If Transplant Procedure is Possible With Live Donors?

Kidney diseases are frequently increasing across the globe. The ratio between the requirement of the kidney and the availability of the organ is close to 10:1. So, the patients are either left with an option to undergo dialysis or to wait for the time to get a suitable donor. If the patient does not get the donor on time, then it might prove to be fatal. 

Almost 40 % of the patients die without treatment due to a lack of kidneys. So, to fill the gap between the high demand and minimal supply, the idea of artificial kidney came into existence. To support the same, the development of artificial organs was initiated by one of the Indian Doctors, in the US. The kidney was successfully developed, and it is expected that the practical implementation would soon be initiated.

So, for now, until the process initiates with an artificial kidney, one can avail of the Best Kidney Transplant in India. Here, the method is cost-effective, as well as successful.

What Would be The Expected Cost of An Artificial Kidney Transplant in India?

The price of an artificial kidney transplant cannot be revealed until it is in actual implementation. However, there exists assurance of one thing that just like other medical procedures, Artificial Kidney Transplant Cost in India would be minimum. 

The cost of artificial kidney transplant in India would highly depend on:

  • The price essential for the manufacturing of an artificial kidney 
  • Fees of the surgeon and the medical team
  • Health condition of the patient
  • Expenses involved in the tests and evaluation
  • Cost for the medication and drugs
  • Treatment of health disorders other than the kidney disorders
  • The choice for the nephrologist, and the treatment center

The operating cost or the treatment price can be a bit on the higher side compared to a transplant from a kidney of the living donor, but the post-operative expenses are minimalized. It is because there would be no risk or the complication after implantation of an artificial kidney. As an artificial kidney is a non-living organ introduced in the body, there will be no rejection from the immune system.

The kidney will perform just like the original kidney, but there would be no complications. So, after the surgery, the price of anti-rejection drugs, and expenses involved in other treatment to overcome the side-effects are also limited. 

Final Words:

An artificial kidney transplant is on the verge of completing its final round of tests. It has been implanted in various animals, and the process was entirely successful. There were no harmful consequences seen in the body of the host. Once, the procedure is approved by the medical authorities in the USA to proceed in the Humans; it will be a great revolution in medical history.

No patient will die because of the lack of organs; once the artificial kidney transplant is in practice. It will save the life of a number of sufferers. 

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