What to Consider While Buying a Godrej AC?

Godrej AC

When first introduced in the market, air conditioners used to be elite products that many middle-class families could not afford. In recent years, however, ACs have become a standard purchase. Additionally, the increasing temperatures in summers in recent years have forced many households to purchase an air conditioner and ensure comfort during the summer. 

1 ton ACs are considered the ideal purchase for smaller rooms and families, whereas bigger models are often sought after by consumers with larger areas to cool. In this crowded market space, where companies are launching newer models on a regular basis, Godrej air conditioners are emerging as some of the best products which can cool efficiently and effectively. 

Even as you narrow in on which Godrej air conditioner would work best for your cooling needs, there are several factors you must consider at the immediate onset. Read on to learn more about these factors.

  1. Tonnage:
    Different people have different tonnage requirements from an AC. Depending on the area you are looking to cool, it is important to pick an AC that fits your requirements. Buying an AC with a high amount of tonnage for a small room will be pointless, and buying a 1 ton AC for a large area will also prove inefficient. Thus, depending on the area, it is important to decide the ideal tonnage of your AC.
  2. Type of AC:
    Godrej air conditioners can be either window or split ACs. Depending on your requirements and constraints, you can choose the type of AC you want. A window AC is usually cheaper and easier to install. However, split ACs often prove to be more efficient in terms of cooling, and are also more aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Energy Efficiency:
    The energy efficiency of a machine dictates the amount of energy it will consume in order to offer the best performance. This further denotes the cost efficiency of the machine, as machines with a higher star rating are usually more energy efficient and result in lesser power bills.
  4. Choice of Metals:
    It is important to look into the components used to put your Godrej air conditioner together. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a 1 ton AC or a 3 ton AC, it is important to consider the raw materials that helped build the machine. The choice of metal within components such as connecting tubes, evaporator coils and condenser units affect the functioning, as well as operating cost of your Godrej air conditioner. Copper is usually the most preferable material, since it helps save energy, owing to it being a powerful thermal conductor.
  5. Brand:
    Since air conditioners are now sold by a range of brands in the Indian market, it is important to pick a brand that is reliable and offers support when it is required. Godrej air conditioners are preferred by people as the company is known to be reliable and honours its service agreements. With a trusted brand, it is much easier to get your machine regularly serviced and ensure its optimal functioning. The warranty on your air conditioner is also more likely to be honoured by a trusted and reliable brand. 

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