What to Look for in a Student Dining Hall?

What to Look for in a Student Dining Hall?

What to Look for in a Student Dining Hall?

Student Dining Hall? School facilities can impact the behaviour, health, and growth achievement among students. Research studies report the overcrowded classrooms and facility decay endangers the student’s safety and learning opportunities.

According to the United States General Accounting Office (GAO), close to two-thirds of educational institutions had at least one poorly-made building features like weak roofing, substandard electrical systems, and crummy plumbing.

GAO also mentioned that 58 per cent of these schools has small or inadequate dining halls, physical security, and ventilation. That is why students must take time to examine or compare amenities, such as the BU dining hall, in finding the best dorm for their budget and lifestyle.

Keep in mind that a college dining hall can have a massive impact on the GPA of the students and whether they can graduate. Social architecture experts believe that a well-built dining hall not only helps students develop bonds but also bolster their GPA by motivating them to succeed.

The study further added that dining halls also create school loyalty and pride, which can contribute to the increase of the student’s odds to finish college. Interestingly, most universities and colleges even use dining halls to impress and recruit students.

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With that said, here are some essential tips to consider in searching for an ideal dining place in the likes of the BU dining hall.

·   Close Proximity to School Dorms

Accidents happen, and usually, they occur outside the school premises. One of the best ways to ensure safety is to have a 24/7 dining hall that is near your dorm. A nearby dining hall also helps you find your food quicker, especially if your stomach starts rumbling from studying overnight.

Also, make sure that the university offers meal events like theme meals, monotony breakers, and vegan festivals to enjoy discounts on food and services.

·   Personalized Dining Plan

A personal dining plan is perhaps the most crucial factor you should consider in choosing a dining hall. Look for chow halls that can provide you with a specialized dining plan, which allows you to monitor your balance and health each week of the semester.

Moreover, a personalized dining plan will also ensure that you won’t miss much about home. In general, customized dining plans enable students to put on requests of their favourite dishes and have a schedule on when they should be served.

A USA Today report indicated that Boston University and other Division I universities are now catering to an extensive range of diets like locavore, vegan, and customizable dishes. The report also reiterated that the higher-education foodservice industry grew USD 18 billion this year, which is a USD 12.4 billion increase from a decade ago.

Where Can I Eat at Boston University?

Boston University provides students with a wide range of BU dining hall options. These include the Bay State Underground, The Fresh Food Co, Fenway Campus Center Dining Room, and the Fresh Fuel at Granby Commons.

Alternatively, students can also check the nearby Starbucks or Basho Express for a quick drink. Plus, the Campus also hosts special events where students can make eating fun with their fellow students. You get the idea when an event is called Dim Sum Day Brunch, Breakfast at Dinner, Vegan Chili Beanpot Festivals, or Taco Days.

Take a glimpse of these special events by attending virtual tours on Campus Reel. Virtual tours provide students with the ability to explore and learn more about the community of Boston University.

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