What’s the ever best solution for dead batteries?

What’s the ever best solution for dead batteries?

What’s the ever best solution for dead batteries?

Life is so much easy with the smartphone, laptops, tablets, etc, they make our every day a perfect day whether its a matter to reach out to your loved ones via call, video call or sending them greeting messages or its a matter of profession and work via laptop in a home or office, then again its a source of entertainment as well. Snapping pictures, saving and collecting the beautiful landscape or saving your rare moments in your cameras is like heaven in this fast tech world with all these privileges.

However, they don’t last long, we have to have face the dead batteries after a circle completes or sometime before. Thus, we all have suffered the pain of dead battery on an event, which left us with nothing but a phone with no battery. Most importantly it brings so much embarrassment when you are outdoor and suddenly your precious moment passes in front of your eyes and you are unable to capture because your phone or camera is dead in your hand. (a sad pat on your shoulder guys)

dead batteries

 dead batteries

Then what’s the deal, huh?

Let’s not dig the bad moments like this anymore and bring it to the point. The solution is the best portable chargers, Thada! Wait a minute, we all know that not everyone is acquainted with power bank, if still so, then the need and usage are the things we don’t really consider when we are about to buy a power bank and that is what the main problem in our purchasing habits.

How to buy a perfect portable charger for my device?

Not every power bank is made to charge your phone, laptop or all the USB devices. They are manufactured for the specific devices, which restrict you to that device only, although if you try to charge your laptop with the power bank of 10,000mah battery, then it not only fails to boost the device but lessen the life of that power bank as well.

Whereas there are plenty of the portable chargers you will find which are made to boost multiple devices, they would be much better in this case. For instance, most of the chargers which I have come across are the power bank with the battery capacity of 50,000mah, 1,20,000mah or even 20,400mah. These all power banks specified that they are capable to charge your phone or laptop or even they are able to charge these devices simultaneously. In this case, there is no problem to charge your more than just one device. In addition, it all depends on the charging docks as well, the USB outputs and type C output.

Further, if you are planning to charge more than one mobile phone, then you just need to pick the one with multiple ports with high battery capacity, which is able to run the battery power whenever your phones found dead or low powered.

Is it good to buy a solar power bank instead?

Keep in mind that solar power is the secondary power source when the power bank itself run out of battery. Or it could be an emergency way of boost for the portable power bank. Whereas, the primary way of charging the power bank is always through the USB input via a wall socket or a direct current.

Where there it is a utility to charge the solar power bank through the sunlight, it also takes too much of your time to recharge it as compared to the input port. If a power bank takes up to 2-3 hours of recharging time for itself, then it will certainly take up to 16 to 18 hours to be recharged via solar panel through the sunlight if it is a 30,000mah battery holder. In this way, this method of recharging a power bank is left for only emergency purpose when you are especially outdoor and experience dead batteries.

Hope you have learned whole a lot in this write up, make your purchase the best than before, wish you good luck.
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