Who will win the tea war India or China?

Will India be able to beat China in tea competition

Who will win the tea war India or China India and China both are the global giants of Asia and also has some deep rivalries between these two giants on multiple sides.

By-the-way here we will not go to the other fields; except a very genuine and a legit field, which is tea.

So our today’s post is going to be all about “will India be able to beat China in tea competition?”

So, what do you think about this matter at now?

In this post, we will discuss the possibilities and the problems related to it.

So, at very first let’s go to its possibilities.

Who will win the tea war India or China

The Possibilities

1. The very first possibility is, India is an agriculture-based country, here 8 out of 10 people dependent upon agriculture.

From a few years we have noticed that after seeing the financial possibilities of tea cultivation, the number of cultivators increased even more in India.

The increasing number of tea cultivators will definitely help this country to produce more and more goods from this green crop.

So, this is the very first possibility that I personally think about.

2. The 2nd possibility is Assam. Why I am trying to tell you about Assam?

Actually, Assam is a state of north-east India, which produces more than 57 percent of tea of the whole of India.

Can you imagine a state, which is still backward in using modern pieces of equipment but produces the highest amount of crop of a fast-growing country?

Yes, my friend, this information is 100 percent true.

At present there are more than 100000 of small and 786 of giant tea gardens in Assam; from where this state alone produces more than 1500 million pounds of tea every year.

This is really a huge quantity.

Isn’t it?

3. In the third point, we can imagine, if an Indian state with a small piece of land can produce this huge amount of tea then how big amount will be produced if this cultivation is done in all over the country.

Now India is in the 2nd position after China but I think, if other parts of the country start to do it, then in the future the whole scenario will be changed and India will definitely reach to the number one position.

The Difficulties

1. The very first difficulty for India to being the number one is lack of modernization.

It must agree that Assam is leading the whole country to stand on the 2nd global ranking but most of the tea activities still done here, in manual ways.

Therefore this is a quite difficult thing to beat China with this condition because China is highly modernized with its modern equipment and techniques.

So, India has to think about it deeply.

2. In India, tea culture is not a very serious business for most of the people.

I am from Assam and I can tell you that 70 out of 100 people here doing this as a simple way of making some bucks, not as thinking to make it bigger as a money making a machine in the future.

I know there is a lot of difficulty on the way to build a business but until thinking it as a serious business I don’t think that people can do something great here.

3. China is an unstoppable machine; as well as India trying to produce more tea by itself, China also trying to make and take it to the 2x level.

Will this country stop anymore?

I don’t think so. Therefore the growth of China in tea competition is also a big challenge for India to reach on the top.


Let’s see what happen next. Most of the analyzer from India predicating that within a few years India will be able to beat China in the tea competition world.

But I am sure that the way of reaching the goal will not be so soft.

What do you think?

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