Why are gaming phones the next mobile trend of 2019?


Why are gaming phones the next mobile trend of 2019?

The latest technology come up with mobile gaming which makes playing the game on pc, laptop or console outdated — today smartphones specially designed for the gaming purpose. But what makes the gaming phones to the next mobile trend of 2019? The answer is here.

Powerful hardware and unique style:

If we think as a gamer, then what we want in our phone? A smartphone with the latest technology, unique feature and powerful hardware that works as a gaming console. All the latest phone have some additional features that make the gaming experience at best like the Higher RAM and storage combination like 8 GB RAM with 128 GB storage or  6 GB RAM with 64 GB storage, processor and long-lasting battery.

Technical modification:

The dimension of the phone may vary as per the model, but the general dimension is approx. 158-160 * 76-78 *9-10 mm. The weight of the device varies between 185 to 190 grams. The maximum battery is of 4,000 mAh.
The resolution, android version, camera specification, internal storage, RAM, Removable storage, chipset, etc. have different specification as per the model. The latest one has the highest specification that meets the level for gaming mobile.
If we look at the design, then the slick model with trendy design. All these designs are chosen with practical consideration like advance cooling system, comfortable hold in hand, sci-fi style designs, powerful flagship, screen refresh rate, etc. that can run normal and high-end games smoothly. One of the examples is advanced thermal modeling processes that make your system cooler for a longer period.

Changing games:

Another criterion is the latest games; the mobile games are changing a lot since its evolution. From the snack, we have come so far. Indeed, we have seen many mobile games like candy crush, angry birds, and fruit ninja. We have also seen high-end games like OceanHorn, PUBG For PC , Monster Hunter Stories, Dragon Ball Legends and few more. To run these type of games, we need that type of mobile that is compatible to run these games.
Keep in mind that smartphone and console have a different ecosystem but somewhere somewhat are the same for both the things. Even the games that are available for Nintendo or any gaming console that are also available for Andriod and iOS device. And when the game is available on your mobile, why you choose a PC to play a game. Some the example of cross-platform games is battle royale shooter Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that can be played on PC, console and mobile devices and all gameplay are same.
Yes, it is a fact that some of the high-end pc games can’t be able to run on smartphones, but they can catch up in some aspects. But in the next few hours, PC and console games surely shifted on mobile with time.
Another thing is money; some games are free to play but loaded with many extra contents like an advertisement, in-app purchase, etc. Even if few people spend money in the game, then also there is profit in it. All these factors can make the gaming industry more lucrative for mobile gaming. 


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