Why Your Home Requires Jute Rugs? – Sustainable, Aesthetic and Durable Natural Fibre Rugs

Aesthetic and Durable Natural Fibre Rugs

Why Your Home Requires Jute Rugs? – Sustainable, Aesthetic and Durable Natural Fibre Rugs

Jute carpets are one of the best ways to add exotic texture and look to a room without burning away the pocket. Jute fibres are commonly spun into various coarse strands for making the burlap fabric and are hand woven into natural jute fibre rugs. There are many perplexing reasons for buying the jute flooring covers and rugs.

  • You can add texture in a room: By adding a unique and natural flooring cover like jute rugs, one can easily add an accent piece which would complement with the couch and other furniture present in the room. These can be packed in the entryways of the home to provide a natural and welcoming look. With the use of the combination of the sisal and the jute rugs, one can get smoother and better texture in home complementing with the natural wood decor.
  • Highly durable: Jute mats when used in the form of area rugs present a long-lasting choice. As the jute carpets and covers are natural tan or brown in colour, these can be easily obscure any dust and dirt and also normal stains. These can also be cleaned by simple vacuuming just like the sisal rugs. However, it is better to avoid using jute rugs in the alleyways or highly trafficked areas. When place in low trafficked areas like bedrooms, the jute flooring covers can last for years together.
  • Eco-friendly choice: Someone who is looking for pocket-friendly natural area rugs which are far superior to the machine-made rugs can easily opt for jute carpets and covers. These rugs are not only sustainable and natural but also provide a stylish look and raw texture for enhancing the decor of your home. And if you decide to change the room’s decor, you would be happy to find that these rugs are recyclable and biodegradable. Moreover, jute fibres are fast growing, and thus buying more jute carpets is not going to have any harmful impact on the atmosphere.
  • Blends with all kinds of home decor: The jute area rugs, just like other natural fibres rugs have an amazing property to get blended with the surrounding like a chameleon. These would serve to join the different elements present in the design of a room, especially in rooms with larger space. These have a versatile look and can serve to improve both traditional as well as modern home decor. You can also use the jute carpets on the walls. You can give rise to laid back feel in a room by buying a bleached jute fabric. It gives clean design and bolder look to the areas of the rooms.

Other considerations

Jute rugs may feel a little harder when you buy them. However, with passing years and more use, the fibres acquire softer texture. If you are looking for something lush and soft, then prefer going for a blend of jute with other fibres.

If you place furniture or heavier items on jute carpets, it makes them more tucked to the floor and hence you have more stable flooring cover which wouldn’t slip. Jute is moisture-sensitive; hence, it should be protected from the same.

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