work from home jobs

work from home jobs

work from home jobs is a type of job or work which can be done without leaving your home. It is easier than a full-time job or work Because you don’t have
to leave your home and you are not bound to go to a specific place. There are many opportunities in the online and offline market for a job from home. Many people
with awesome skills are sitting free at home, just because they do not leave their home for a job. There are many opportunities for housewives, students, and other people to earn money by work from home jobs.

I am going to tell you below about different jobs and work which can be done without leaving your home.

Work From Home Jobs

(1) YouTube 

YouTube is one of the best online and works from home jobs earning methods. You are not bound to go to a specific place and no specific timing is needed to earn money from YouTube.
You just need to open a YouTube channel and start uploading your content. Now the question is how to earn using YouTube …? There are different methods to earn
money from YouTube Most popular method is earning money from adds. But this is not illegal in Islam because music is used in and different adds are about the things which are not Illegal in Islam. So I will not recommend you to use this method. Other methods are sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Through
these methods, you can earn a handsome amount.

Work From Home Jobs

(2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another very good method of work from home jobs earning. You can earn a handsome amount of money by using affiliate marketing. For Affiliate marketing, you need to go to the online shopping sites and become an Affiliate member. After becoming a member, You have to copy their referral link and share it with different social platforms such as what’s App, YouTube, Facebook etc. When someone buys a product from your referral link you will get paid for that purchase. You also can
refer your friends and family.


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Work From Home Jobs

(4) Facebook 

Facebook is another very good source of earning from home. Nowadays people spend most of their posting and sharing a different type of content.
You can earn a lot of money just by posting your content in a specific way. You need to create a page. After creating a page you can earn lots of money
through video adds, instant article, sponsorship, Affiliate marketing. You can sale your page. page selling is another good method of earning from Facebook.
And again as I said in YouTube’s paragraph I will not recommend the video adds. So don’t waste your time on Facebook open a page and start earning.
Earning is not so much easy, first, you need to gain an audience and also need to complete Facebook requirements. You should have quality content.

Work From Home Jobs

(5) Website and Blog

You can earn lots of money from a website or blog. You should have your own website. Now a question comes how to have your own website. You can easily make a
website, for this you can watch different tutorials on YouTube or you can get guidance from other different sources. You have to buy a hosting for your
website which is not very expensive. You can’t make your own website you can get services of a professional web developer. Furthermore, it can’t afford
a website you can make a blog using blogger. Blogger is a product of Google and it is free. It is almost the same as a website.
Now the question is how to earn from a website or blog. You can earn from blog and website using different methods such as Affiliate Marketing, short link
Facebook instant articles, adds by Google and other advertisement companies. As is said before I will not suggest the methods which are not legal in Islam.
So do not wait and start your awesome website or blog now.

Work From Home Jobs

(6) Making video courses

Making video courses is another great method of working from home. You just need to make courses on different topics such as YouTube earning, web development,
Android development etc. You can also make video lectures for school college students etc. Every type of legal courses can help you earn money. You can sale these
courses in both online and offline market using different sources. For example, upload them to an online drive and share links with your clients. But the best method is offline
selling in CD, DVD, and USB etc . you can also make a deal with a shopkeeper.

Work From Home Jobs

(7) Software development

Software development is another big source of earning from home. You can get orders online and offline from different people. For example, different big shops use
software for shops to manage their work. schools use the software.  you can post add on different social platforms that software development services
are available.

If You are a literate sitting free at home you can open a tuition center. You can earn a handsome amount of money through it. If you are free and can’t go
out of your home for a job simply open your tuition center and start earning.

Work From Home Jobs

(8) Sewing clothes 

Cloth sewing is another good work from home. You can earn a handsome amount by clothing sewing. You can learn to clothe sewing from a clothe sewing school. If
you can’t go to a clothe sewing school, you can learn to clothe sewing from your relatives, friends, and neighbors who know how to sew clothes. First sew
clothes of your relatives, neighbors, and friends. With the passage of time, you will start getting work more people as you get famous.

Work From Home Jobs

(9) Career counseling

If you have some knowledge of career counseling, then start your career counseling today. You can post your add on different platforms with your mobile number and your fees
which you charge for counseling.
If someone needed career counseling he will make a contact with you. You can guide him through your mobile.

Work From Home Jobs

(10) Gardening

If you have a small piece of land in your house you can start gardening. It is a very beneficial work. It fulfills your daily needs of vegetables and you
can sell vegetables. Through selling of vegetable,s you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Work From Home Jobs

(11) Poultry farming 

You can start poultry farming on a small basis. It is a very profitable business. You just need to buy some hens at the start of your business. You can increase
the number of hens with the passage of time. You can sell eggs and also can sell chickens and hens for meat. It also can fulfill your needs of meat and eggs.

Work From Home Jobs


(12) Beauty parlor

This work is only for women and girls. If you are women sitting free at home and you have some makeup skills, then you can start a beauty parlor. At the
start of your work a few customers will come to you, but with a passage of time as you will get a famous large number of customers will come to you. So this a
really good business for our sisters. They can start beauty parlor business to fulfill their daily needs. You just need a separate room and the material which
is used in makeup. You have to tell your relatives, neighbors, and friends that you have started a beauty parlor, and ask them to tell more people.

Work From Home Jobs

(13) clothes sewing teaching school 

This is another work for our sisters. If they have skills of clothing sewing, they can open a sewing school. And they can earn a handsome amount of money.
And students coming for learning sewing will help them in their work so they can finish their work early and they can get big orders of clothing sewing.

Work From Home Jobs


(14) Opening a tuition center

If You are a literate sitting free at home you can open a tuition center. You can earn a handsome amount of money through it. If you are free and can’t go out of your home for a job simply open your tuition center and start earning.


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