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Publishing Guidelines

  1. Articles should be well written with clear ideas on the topic. Articles must be passed by Copyscape.
  2. The title should be in between 40-70 characters with a deep sense.
  3. Minimum words requirements-800
  4. Max of 1 external links is allowed in the contents, though we will review and if the links suit then we will publish. (link should be in the last paragraph)
  5. There must be an interlink to related articles in the site.
  6. Give a suitable image with the image source.
  7. Use (h2/h3) in the subtitle of each paragraph.
  8. Meta Descriptions should be of 156 characters.
  9. Use keywords in the 1st or last paragraph in the content body.
  10. Do n’t forget to send a featured image.

Our Methods to submit Your guest post

At first, complete your Registration in our site as a Contributor and submit your post after verifying your payment your post will approve within 24hour if you face any problem please email at [email protected]